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Kothüttenalm & Cattle Drive

The Kothüttenalm

The "Kothüttenalm" is our hill farm where the cows spend their summer vacation. In the middle of the magnificent alpine world of Gerlos surrounded by unique mountain and herb meadows, which are home not only to the cows but also to numerous wild animals, you will find peace and can escape from the everyday - simply enjoy yourself.

Hikes & excursion destinations

  • Wimmertalalm: elev. 1,400 m; ca. 0.50 hr
  • Kothüttenalm: elev. 1,650 m; ca. 1.00 hr
  • Fürstalm: elev. 1,850 m; ca. 1.50 hrs
  • Kirchspitze: elev. 2,312 m; ca. 2.50 hrs

Walking time is measured from the Gmünd parking area.

Traditional cattle drive in the Zillertal

The cattle drive is an especially colorful, time-honored tradition that occurs when the cattle that have been grazing in the mountain pastures all summer are festively adorned with flowers, ribbons, embroidered headdresses with sayings and religious figures, and large bells are lead back down into the valley for winter.

According to old traditions

The leading cow or "Moarkuh" leads the festively adorned herd followed by heifers, bulls, calves, young oxen, and small livestock such as sheep and goats. Thousands of people from home and abroad come to take part in this wonderful festival - not only because of the tasty delicacies that are served, but also because of the festivities: a farmer's market, schnapps distilling, and numerous stands offer Zillertal specialties such as farmhouse donuts, "Melchermuas", "Zerggl", farmhouse bread, bacon, grilled meats, pine schnapps, and sweet treats. Schuhplattler dancers, whip crackers, and folk music groups welcome the animals back home to the villages. 


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